2020 Vote

2020 Vote, It Counts!

What do you want for your Country?

Presidency hinges on 4 battlegrounds as Biden, Trump race to 270 electoral votes; see results, map

If you still value your freedom to chose your own path in life. Where you want to live, go to school, where you want to work and raise your family, how you want to worship. If you believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Pay attention to who you put in office. Don’t vote for what they say but what they have done. Do you want bigger government or smaller. Do you want to give more of your money to government or less. Do you want to depend on some bureaucrat to send you your monthly check to live on or do you want to make your own money your own way. If you want all the things mentioned, there is only one choice to make in November and all future elections. It’s not a Democrat or Republican choice! It’s a choice for Freedom. It’s a choice for independence FROM government. The government does not rule us! They govern at our discretion. They are elected by US the people the citizens of America.

Sept. 8 2020 This is the overflow crowd at the Presidents rally in North Carolina.