The 2020 Election

Well the election has turned into a legal battle. Both have claimed victory but Biden has the lead although not by any margin. Trump is claiming that there was a vote dump by a hundred thousand plus ballets that went 100% to Biden. That’s just not possible. So we may be in for a hand recount. We’ll have to wait and see.

Tomorrow Is The Day To MAGA!

We have already had over 90 people vote the day before the election. That’s over 2/3 of the people that voted in 2016. Tomorrow will be a historic day. Everyone that is eligible to vote needs to go to their nearest voting place and cast their vote.


When asked who am I voting for I have to reply.  I am not voting for a man. I am voting for the principles for which this country has stood since its founding. I am voting for Constitutional government. I am voting for a strong and viable military. I am voting for a vibrant economy. I am voting for the right to keep and bear arms. I am voting for the freedom to worship. I am voting for a national recognition of the founding of our nation on Biblical principles. I am voting for the ability for anyone to rise above their circumstances and become successful. I am voting for my children and grandchildren to be able to choose their own path in life, including how and where their children are educated. I am voting for our borders to be open to everyone who enters under our law and closed to everyone who would circumvent or ignore the law. I am voting for the Electoral College to remain in place, so that a few heavily populated liberal centers do not control the elections. I am voting for a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution rather than rewrites it. I am voting to teach history, with all its warts, not erase it or revise it. I am voting for the sanctity of life from conception to birth and after. Let’s all Make America Great Again.

Candice Owens:

When Candice speaks, people should listen. No matter the color of your skin, your ethnicity, or your political persuasion. She has lived in poverty and worked hard to better her life. She is speaking from a position of her life as a black woman, from someone that has been on both sides of the equation. She does not speak from fear, but logic. She uses facts and quotes from our very own history. I have yet to see someone that can debate her.

President Trump Will Get A Third Supreme Court Pick:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg past away at the age of 87. Now the country has choice. Will they give the President another term to further his vision of America. Or will they elect Joe Biden who will take our country on a path towards socialism.

Regardless of that choice President Trump will choose a Supreme Court Justice this weekend. His pick will go towards a Senate that is just four votes in favor of the Republicans. The court will in all likely hood lean to the right and favor a constitutionally leaning court.

This is sending the Democrats into fits of terror. They see their power to push their socialist agenda evaporating. They have been losing appellate court judges and Supreme Court judges sense Trump has been elected. The Senate has seated 53 appellate court judges and 161 district court judges. Along with now 3 Supreme court judges.

This will alter the future of America for a generation at least.

Trumps Reelection:

Trump is hold massive rallies and all of them are peaceful. Even the people, holding rallies around the country, are large and peaceful. People that are holding counter protest against blm and antifa are peaceful until provoked or attacked.
Where’s the Biden rallies? Where’s the Biden Banners during the blm, antifa demonstrations? Were are all the people out marching for Biden. You would think cnn and the rest of the msm would be showing those 24/7. Think about that! Trump has this election, lets make sure he has a Congress to support him.

Trump rally