The 2020 Election

Well the election has turned into a legal battle. Both have claimed victory but Biden has the lead although not by any margin. Trump is claiming that there was a vote dump by a hundred thousand plus ballets that went 100% to Biden. That’s just not possible. So we may be in for a hand recount. We’ll have to wait and see.

What Would Happen If The Government Tried To Take Our Guns? Would There Be Mass Riots?

No. Rioting would not be necessary.

Let’s put it this way; for decades the US has known about gangs that use illegally obtained and possessed guns to run illicit goods and services. In 2011 it was estimated there were 1.1 million affiliated gang members. Some estimates are over 2 million today.

No rational person believes gangs are a good thing for society. There are no Constitutional scholars or Supreme Court Justices debating the merits and necessities of gangs, drug running, and forced prostitution. Gang territories cover small areas within 5% of counties and account for about 80% of all homicides. Anti-gang task forces typically have a pretty good idea of the hierarchy of the gangs down to low-ranking members and non-associated (not in the gang) associates. So why don’t we just eradicate criminal organizations? Simply because we don’t have the resources. There aren’t enough officers to investigate and carry out arrests. The situation is only contained because gangs contain the violence themselves in strictly defined areas. We allow career criminals to kill other career criminals in gang territories because it doesn’t really impact us. This is what fills up the vast majority of crime stats, applying these actions to people that have nothing to do with the crimes (lawful firearm owners) makes no sense.

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Tomorrow Is The Day To MAGA!

We have already had over 90 people vote the day before the election. That’s over 2/3 of the people that voted in 2016. Tomorrow will be a historic day. Everyone that is eligible to vote needs to go to their nearest voting place and cast their vote.

Candice Owens:

When Candice speaks, people should listen. No matter the color of your skin, your ethnicity, or your political persuasion. She has lived in poverty and worked hard to better her life. She is speaking from a position of her life as a black woman, from someone that has been on both sides of the equation. She does not speak from fear, but logic. She uses facts and quotes from our very own history. I have yet to see someone that can debate her.

President Trump Will Get A Third Supreme Court Pick:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg past away at the age of 87. Now the country has choice. Will they give the President another term to further his vision of America. Or will they elect Joe Biden who will take our country on a path towards socialism.

Regardless of that choice President Trump will choose a Supreme Court Justice this weekend. His pick will go towards a Senate that is just four votes in favor of the Republicans. The court will in all likely hood lean to the right and favor a constitutionally leaning court.

This is sending the Democrats into fits of terror. They see their power to push their socialist agenda evaporating. They have been losing appellate court judges and Supreme Court judges sense Trump has been elected. The Senate has seated 53 appellate court judges and 161 district court judges. Along with now 3 Supreme court judges.

This will alter the future of America for a generation at least.