Vote 2018

Early voting opens Tuesday here in Texas. I plan on voting. For most people its the only way you can help decide your future. Don’t think your vote doesn’t count! Everyone of them does.


Well with the lottery hitting all time highs I thought I would try my luck. I bought 10 tickets. Five for mega millions and 5 for Texas loto. I didn’t hit a single one! I would have shared if someone else had hit. But the good news is no one else hit either so I will try to win next week.

Hello America

As I get up in age I want to leave my mark in the world to some degree. Its not much and for the most part will go unnoticed. But you know what they say, nothing is ever taken back off the web. Once out there its there forever. So with that, I am going to put my thoughts on what is going on here in the states and to some extent around the world here on this site.