Socialist in America

The socialists that have infiltrated our politics and schools in the last forty or fifty years. Saw an opportunity to take a giant leap forward when Barack Obama was elected. They did push through a lot of their agenda for the first two years. But when Donald Trump won out of no where in 2016 they were beside themselves with total shock. They instantly rallied and from that time


till now have done nothing but try to get the president out of office. To discredit him any way possible. Slowly their lies and twisted false accusations about collusion are coming out and no one is even going after the party that was trying to influence the election.

People who are voting Democrat should do some research and find out what their party once stood for and what it has turned into. As someone who once called myself a Democrat and voted for a few Democratic Presidents. I look at the party with shame at what it has become. It seems they are no longer trying to hide the direction they want America to head in. They are doing whatever they think they need to do to win. It doesn’t matter if it is illegal or not as long as they don’t think they will get caught they will try it.

But the American people are waking up to what is going on now. I see it more every day in the news and in the web articles I read. The silent majority is starting to wake up and take notice. The people of America will not except a socialist country no matter how slick and polished they make it look. Is this why the left is so keen on erasing our history or rewriting it to leave out things that could make them look bad.

All this talk of # this or # that, you can’t say this, to this group, or have an opinion about that group. With out being a Nazi or a racist  or homophobe. Its nothing but division and suppression. If you can divide groups by color, race, religion, sex, then have them attack each other. You can draw attention away from what your really doing.

Half the country is taking some form of government benefits of some kind or another. HALF THE COUNRTY! This is not a good situation to be in. Because the government has no money! ALL the money the government hands out is the money  they take from the tax payers. That’s you and me folks. So look at your paycheck and ask yourself. Can I pay in more than I already am? Does anybody out there deserve the money I make anymore than my family does? I am struggling to make ends meet and President Trump wants to give me some more of my money back to me. He wants to cut my taxes by another 10 percent. If you think I won’t vote for that your nuts.

All these people coming up here from south and central America want a better life. I understand that, and see where they would look at the U.S, and see it as a better opportunity than where they are at. But it can’t happen anymore, like it did in the past. But listening to the Democratic socialist you would think that its no problem, come on over, we will take care of you and give you everything you need. They will run our country into the ground and we will end up a third world country in fifty years or less. There are millions of people that would take advantage of that, and they know this. Its all about keeping their power.

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