Asylum seekers sue Trump

Asylum seekers sue Trump, claim border stance violates their Constitutional rights.  Does the world get any more crazy? Who is pushing these people to sue a president of another country because he won’t let them enter? Our constitutional rights are not for other people, outside of our country, but for our citizens. The United States has no protections for people of other countries.  You have to be a citizen of the United States to be covered by our Consititution.

UN says US must allow migrant caravan

Immigrants who are seeking asylum must be referred for a “credible fear interview,” for which an asylum officer would determine if the immigrant has a “credible fear of persecution,” the lawsuit said. If the officer makes that determination, then there is a significant chance for the asylum-seeker to be granted asylum, according to the suit.

I would have a hundred judges at the border when they get there and process them through the system as quick as possible. Have a asylum officer evaluate the case and then load them on a plane and send them home. Everyone with a speck for a brain knows that for the most of them, they are here get a better life for themselves and their family. But we also know that they will be a weight around the taxpayers necks for decades to come and if they make it, hundreds of thousands will follow.

The way it was set up and hyped was a clear signal that more will follow. How does America stop a mass migration to our country if we don’t discourage it now. Everyone knows we can’t support the masses that want to come here. Not with all our social programs that the taxpayers already support. We need Congress to do its job and come up with a system to let people that we need come to the country in a orderly manner. And yes we do need people as laborers but not hundreds of thousands of them a year. We do need to be selective about who we let in.

If people from other countries are persecuted and abused in their own countries they need to band together and make changes there. Most times up and relocating will not make their lives better in the short term. If they think they can make it here and be successful why can’t they do it in their country?


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