Kavanaugh Allegations

So whats happen to all the Senators that were trying to hang Brett Kavanaugh for sexual assaults. Well as it turns out they were all lies! Now they all claim that it didn’t happen. Where is the outcry from the left? Where is the condemnation from the left for what these women tried to pull on this

innocent man. Even Dr Ford it seems was wrong as another man came forward and said that it sounded like it was him and not Mr Kavanaugh that was with her that night and it was not the way she said it was.

Were are all the women movements that were wanting to convict him at just the word of another woman. Were are the media that didn’t even try to show the full story or investigate it fully. The media even withheld evidence that refuted what these supposed witnesses said.

The Democrats, the media and the women that falsely accused Brett Kavanaugh owe him a huge apology for what they put him through. But most importantly the Democratic Senators on the judiciary committee need to publicly apologize for willfully and with malice dragging Mr. Kavanaugh and his family through this travesty.   

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