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The people of America seem quick to judge on whatever the news of the day is. Journalist wanting to get the scoop, write and print whatever they come up with,to be the first to get the story out there. To get their name on the one story to make their career. But for the majority of readers the name of the reporter is mostly never seen, only the headline. We the readers barely finish the story before we are judging it based on our views and beliefs. It seems the reporters, nor the editors, or the readers, care if it is factually actual or not. Just slap your spin to it and paste it to the internet for the masses to react to.

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It seems the old days were somewhat better as to getting the story right. I can’t say for certain that they always put out the story unbiased but it was thought if its in the news its got to be factual. You could believe it without the doubt in your head, are they spinning this story to get me to believe this or that. Today almost everyone believes that all news is opinion and bias or told to get you to think one way or another. No news organization is just telling you the facts to let you determine what is real. I am not sure it was ever not that way. Maybe its always been that way but never to the extent that it is today. It seems that they go as far as to make up stories to hurt the people that they disagree with. With a lot of people believing them. The American people are beginning to see the major news organizations for who and what they are. They are not even trying to hide the fact that they are working for a agenda that may or may not be in our best interest. It makes you wonder if they are actually trying to become a propaganda voice for one faction or another. It seems that America is becoming more and more divided as to which side you stand on. Are the major news organizations pushing the public to one side or the other? That is for you to decide. But for me its pretty clear, there are no true news organizations left that are unbiased and haven’t taken a side. Its true some are more biased than others and some even try hard to tell the unblemished truth. But they are becoming fewer and fewer. I for one do not read or listen to just one side anymore. I look for many sides and often fail to find one that seems to ring the bell of truth and unbias reporting. Maybe its just me, my old age and my skepticism that is letting me look at reporting this way. Or maybe there is some real truth about today’s reporters that warrants this outlook. But from the stories I read to the people I talk to it seems pretty obvious that both the so called news outlets and the people are taking side. What do you believe? Which side are you on!

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