Is the Democratic Party Splintering?

The vote to fund the rest of the government for the rest of the fiscal year is telling in a number of ways. For the Republicans its the same party pretty much , but though they are still not eye to eye on all the issues they are predictable. The Democrats on the other hand have been in the past joined at the hip and lock step in their agenda. Today that seems to have broken and splintered. Don’t get me wrong here, they are still all moving further left but some have broken out and outright announced that they want a socialist country. They are holding back or hiding their true agenda no more.

Does it seem to you that with every bill they pass. they are tearing a bit more of the Constitution apart? If we go back even decades we can find examples of both parties even, chipping away at the Constitution. But today, its got to the point that no one is even trying to hide the fact that, they think the Constitution is nothing but a pieces of paper to use as they see fit. If its in their way they will just write bills to go around it to get what they want.

This week the President signed a spending bill to keep the government open. He did get some of the money he wanted to construct a barrier along the southern border. But no where near enough to do the job right. So he declared a national emergency to further build the wall needed to and appropriate the money needed to help finish it. I can see it getting taken to court and held up for awhile and maybe through the 2020 elections. Where I think the Democrats and maybe even some of the Republicans want it to fail. If it can get to the supreme court I think President Trump can win. But this just goes to show how the Democratic party has sunken into socialism. They will do everything they can to discredit and stand in the way of working for America and against the President. But not all! Some of the far left didn’t even want to give in that much and was willing to shut down the government again. I also think there were some in the Democratic party that wants to secure the border and if the leader in the party had voted for building this time as they have in the past, they would have stood up and said yea.

The new freshmen and women in the Democratic party are breaking with the mainstream Democrats and its starting to show. The problems are though that the people running for President in 2020 are thinking that in order to win they have to move further into socialism. In this I feel the Democratic Party will splinter even further and we may end up with 4 parties. The socialist, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Freedom Caucus or the far right. Is this a bad thing? I don’t know but looking at the attacks on the Constitution today I can only think that the socialist way should be shut down as soon as it raises its head. There is no way that socialism and the Constitution can exist in the same nation. One or the other has to go and in the very near future every American will have to make a choice of who is going to be elected and which way are they going to take this Country.

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