Mueller’s Report

It seems that the Democratic Party is not happy with the report that the special counsel submitted to the Attorney General. They are now saying they are going to start their own investigations. For two years Mueller has been investigating President Trump, his family, his campaign, his staff and in all that time he has found no collusion. He has found no ties to Russia and President Trump that they rigged the election. Because there was none from the Republican side of the election. That it took two years to determine this is what it is. But to me its at least a year too long. The reason I believe that he did not find anything to tie to President Trump is that he was looking at the wrong party.

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Tyranny, Are We Headed There

Where does tyranny begin? To me it begins when a group of people start to influence another group or groups. They start by telling them how good it would be if they were the leaders. They could make our lives so much better if only they had the support of the others. They would promise the moon and sky to get the control and power they needed to achieve their goals. But all they ask in return is that you let them make all the decisions. But that’s not all.

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Glitch in the Machine

For whatever reason I had a equipment malfunction in my proxy server. I finally got that taken care of but decided to go ahead and revamp all my servers into virtual machines. So I am now back up and running in a virtual world and although its not 100% it is getting there.