Tyranny, Are We Headed There

Where does tyranny begin? To me it begins when a group of people start to influence another group or groups. They start by telling them how good it would be if they were the leaders. They could make our lives so much better if only they had the support of the others. They would promise the moon and sky to get the control and power they needed to achieve their goals. But all they ask in return is that you let them make all the decisions. But that’s not all.

They also don’t want anyone to descent or complain about how they are running things so they vilify and condemn everyone that stands against them. They divide the people by pitting them against each other. This group is different so they are wrong. But how do you control a angry mob that is speaking out against you? Well of course you confiscate all the weapons so that only the ones in power have them. You make laws that make it illegal to own or carry weapons. You tell the masses that we will protect you and if no one has any weapons no one will be harmed.

With your voice is silenced your arms are confiscated so whats next? Ah propaganda is the way to get their message across. But it has to be all the information sources that have to be on the same page so to speak. You can’t have any dissenters out there causing trouble. Once you have the media on your side you can control what the populace is told. You direct what they are allowed to know.

What is next? Well the leaders and government need money to keep things going right. How they get it is to tell the people that they need to work and pay taxes. Those that have the most wealth have to pay the most of course. They need all this money to give to those that need it. But those that need it seem to be growing all the time. Why? Because the ones that were making the jobs now have to pay such high taxes they are not creating new jobs. People are not incentivized to invent new technologies that create jobs. Businesses that hire people stop hiring because of taxes so high that they can’t afford it. The rich consolidate their money and hold onto it so they don’t go broke. But by this time they have mostly moved to a more friendly country.

Once the government has consolidated its power and is controlling the country that has no way of limiting its power they can rule any way they want. By slowly condoning socialism and removing the freedoms that the people have they taken over your lives and you are nothing more than a slave to the government. The government will slowly expand social programs to entrap the people into depending on the government without any real way of helping the people off these programs. Food, health care, housing, water, electricity, phones the list goes on and on. Once they have you hooked they control you. If you start to rebel against the chains they will start to deny you the welfare they have been giving you.

When they have half the country depending on them they can elect who they want. They control the media, they control a large voting block and they vilify anyone that gets in their way.

There are two parties right now. Both have been complicate in the decay of our government and our country. President Trump has his faults but he is ever so slowly trying to reverse some of the decay. He has also brought to light the ones that are against our Constitution. The ones that are the deep swamp and in it for their own proposes and power. You would really be hard pressed to find one that is there truly for the people they represent.

Why write this you may ask. I am just one person. Just one voice. But sometimes that is all it takes to turn things around. Maybe that is what the socialist are also saying. I am hoping that l and many Americans will stand up and say we won’t sit by and let our Nation turn socialist without standing up and letting our voices be heard.

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