The Ineptitude Of Our Congress

Go to any News site and you will see headlines about Impeachment of the President, our border crisis, income inequality, the list goes on and on. One side seems to be leaning towards socialism the other side seems to be just sitting back and letting the Democratic Party implode on itself. But what is really being done for the American People.

We the American People live in the greatest country in the world. We have the richest economy, the most freedoms, and the best chance of becoming successful. But only if you are willing to work for it. But our government seems unwilling to do what they were elected to do. It seems that once elected they are not suppose to work for the people but for themselves. Sense the last election the Democrats have done nothing in the House. The Republicans have done little of anything in the Senate. Both parties have sit there and bickered with each other.

They all know that social security and medicare are running out, they know that we have a crisis at our southern border. We have another Presidential election coming up and what are they doing to shore up any of these things? What legislation have they put out that will secure our rights? Our borders? When will they get to work on spending that trillion dollars Obama got in his first term in office for infrastructure of our roads and bridges. You remember those shovel ready jobs! Both sides are unwilling to even meet and discuss anything anymore. If they are they aren’t talking about it.

Its not the Presidents job to make laws that the American People, live by. Its not the courts job to make laws from the bench. The Congress is suppose to work to make the laws we live by but it seems like they are willing to let everyone else do their job for them and then cry when things don’t go the way they want them to. Are term limits the answer? I don’t think so. I think the American People need to pay a lot closer attention to what is going on in our government. In our schools and workplace. We need to keep government out of our lives as much as possible and if they start intruding with out our consent we need to vote them out. They have been whittling away at our Constitution and Freedoms for quit a while now and its time for America to wake up and say STOP!

This is my web site and its my way of saying stop! It will most likely get more attention than me standing on a corner with a sign. Or maybe not. But I am trying and that is more than most people.

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