And The Show That’s our Government Continues

Are our Congressmen and Congresswomen really representing us? Or are they promoting themselves as celebrities do? It seems that they are doing everything they can to put themselves in the spotlight. If not on TV they are trying to be internet sensations. On Facebook or Instagram or my favorite Twitter. But they are spending so much time with that, what are they doing for us?

I would like to see our officials be required to give up all social media accounts while in office. Not that it will happen but it would be nice.

Sense the midterms the House under the Democrats have said they have pass 200 bill that the Republican Senate has done nothing with. But the bills that they passed was all along party lines. They have not done anything to get the Republicans to help. Although they did pass the disaster relief bill this month. Other than that what have they done for the American People? All the Democrats running for President have all these grand ideas that they want to tackle in their first one hundred like immigration reform. But if its so important why are they not putting something in front of congress now? Its a year and a half before the election but they will do something in the first hundred days sense its so darn important. Mean while according to the Democrats they can’t even make up their mind if there is a crisis on the border or not.

Imagine what our congress could get done if they actually worked together! Instead the Democrats in the House want to have endless hearings trying to ensnare anyone into contempt. All to make the President look bad before the 2020 elections. So I have a epiphany that nothing will get done in Congress until one party reclaims control of both houses. Its sad that we have evolved to this state but it seems that the far extremes of both parties have taken control. The question is what path do the American people see for our country.

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