Trump impeachment: Beto O’Rourke claims keeping president in power is the ‘end of this democracy’

A article I read on Yahoo by Victoria Gagliardo-Silver,The Independent just couldn’t be ignored without a response.

Mr O’Rourke is an embarrassment to the state of Texas. I am not sure where he received his education but his idea of democracy is not what this country needs. If he were elected President America would quickly become a socialist country. Progressivism in government is what has held our country back from becoming even more of a world leader in most all fields. No other country on this planet has done more for the people of earth than the United States of America. We don’t need a One World Order, we need to get the government out of our way. Beto would only increase the size of government and let it control more of our lives. But this is true of all the Democrats running for President in 2020. Now don’t get me wrong the Republicans are not much better but at least there are some that want to reduce the size of the government and follow our Constitution. Trump may not be the best the country has to offer but he is at least heading our country back in the right direction.

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