Democrats First Debate

Winners? Losers? From my point of view Joe Biden looked like a deer in the headlights for the most part. He looked tired and bewildered. He seems to be holding on to the Obama era and it will not do him any good. The other contenders for President have to much to draw on to use against him.

Bernie is using the same old campaign slogans he used last time he ran. The problem is America has moved on. The people that were following him in 2016 have grown and moved onto other ideas. They see him as a old worn out man that can’t come up with new ideas. And lets face it most Americans don’t want Socialism for America.

The others are just pushing the Socialist agenda of lets tell the people that we will give them whatever they want but we won’t tell them that they have to give up their freedom when its over. Also when its over sense we will be at the top of the pecking order we will be the ones that are running the country and they will do as we say. This is how Socialism works, only the people at the top reap the rewards of the people they rule over.

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