Is the Media telling the truth!

President Trump struck a patriotic, nonpartisan and unifying note during his address at Fourth of July celebrations in Washington, D.C., as the massive crowd of attendees avoided clashes despite provocations from protesters.
The event defied the critics who said the celebration on Thursday would be a partisan political spectacle that would not even attract a significant crowd. CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC snubbed the celebration and didn’t air it live, save for their online streaming platforms.

Trump 4th of July Crowd

So what does it say that these four major networks did not show the live event? What does it say to the American people that these news outlets have not given the President the same opportunities that they gave President Obama? If you think that they don’t have a agenda to bring down our President you’ve been living in a dream world or your supporting the Democratic party with blinders on. Either way you need to wake up and start reading a lot of history about the United States. Were not perfect and no nation in history has been. But I will bet we are better than any nation before us.

The Democratic Party has been fighting President Trump sense day one. They and the media have been saying and doing whatever they can to smear him and his family, to end his presidency. Are the Democrats working for the media or is it the other way around. Does the media not realize that once the Democratic Socialist gain all the power they will become the propaganda voice that will strip us of all our freedoms. Lets face it if we give them the power they want they will make the United States a serfdom. They will take over every aspect of our lives. They say they won’t but look at their platform and what they are now saying out in the open. They want open borders, health care for all, education for everyone, a basic stipend for everybody. But what they don’t say is that it will come at the cost of your freedom to choose. You will be told what you have to do to get all these things. Most likely not everyone will be even able to get all these things. For Free? Not hardly someone will have to actually work to provide for these things. The less people working the less benefits we will receive.

These are not new ideas I had at this moment in time. Do your own research. Google is still free and for the most part accurate. Socialism has never worked and it never will no matter who advances it or how rich a nation is going into it. Eventually you run out of the other persons money and you start taxing the middle class then the poor. But long before that the elites have made the population nothing more than slaves. The people will have lost the right to decide what they will do, where they will live or even if they can have children. Again think that won’t happen? Read our history of the socialist nations that have fallen or what the socialist nations today look like. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research while you can.

But just because the MSM didn’t cover it live doesn’t mean the people didn’t hear his message or go to the event. No it did go on and it was a grand day even though the weather didn’t always cooperate.

According to The Guardian, this was the first time a President gave a speech on Independence Day in nearly seven decades. Trump spoke for nearly an hour to an enthusiastic crowd. Military flyovers were also featured during the event, and people gathered to hear Trump despite the rainy conditions.

During his speech, Trump told the history of Independence Day and said the country is stronger than it’s ever been before, thanks to the American spirit. He spoke of the country’s many accomplishments and said: “As long as we stay true to our purpose… As long as we never stop fighting for a better future, there will be nothing that America cannot do.”

God Bless the United States of America

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