Tariffs, Recessionary and America

If you’ve been listening to the MSM in the last few weeks you might think the world is coming to a end. Well to be fair that has been going on sense the President was elected. But I digress. In the last few weeks we have been bombarded by how bad the economy is going and how a recession is just around the corner. The problem is only the Main Stream Media and the presidential contenders on the Democratic side are shouting it.

They claim the tariffs are hurting the farmers, the middle class, the poor just about everyone in the world it seems. But they still want to raise the minimum wage even higher. This will drive more manufacturing overseas. Or to Mexico or South America.

A lot of politicians and states want to raise the minimum wage to somewhere around $15.00. What would that do to keep jobs in the United States? If they think tariffs hurt the people now, what happens if we don’t level the playing field with other countries. Yes tariffs are paid for by the U.S. companies that ship their products to the US. Or companies that buy their goods from overseas. Those tariffs are then passed on to the consumer. So if the tariffs make the product cost the same as what it would cost to just make it here, why would they pay someone overseas to make it? They would most likely just make it here. But as long as it puts more money in the pockets of the companies, to buy it from countries, that have no problem paying their employees slave wages. Then the companies will go with what earns the most for them.

This is as I see it from what I have read. I claim no expertise in the field just a little common sense.

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