Pro-Second Amendment And the Left

From a Fox News article I was reading today. It was about a  Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase and a ad she posted about shooting down anti-gun groups. Her opponent Amanda Pohl was triggered about it. Amanda Chase took it down but I am not so sure I would have. The Democrats and progressives want to take our guns in the guise of common sense gun laws but they really don’t want us to have guns just take them. They harp about the lax background checks but none really have a solution but to make a gun registry. I sit down this morning and worked up a starter proposal.

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If the Democrats really want to strengthen background checks here is a starting point.

1: All back ground checks are free of charge and available to everyone.
2: A easy to use website to enter a customers info without going to a FFL.
3: ONLY check to see if the person buying a gun is Cleared to purchase a gun.
4: Not a check to see what gun would be purchased.
5: Not to regester a gun.
7: If both parties agree then maybe a gun transfer per a checked box.

This might be a starting point..

There is already a FBI portal for the FFL dealer to run background checks. Why not one for the American gun owner to check into. So we can make sure that the person we give or sell to is cleared.

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