The President held a Rally Last Night.

Trump Minneapolis Rally

President Trump held a rally Minneapolis last night and again it was a sold out event. I went and looked for the headlines at all the MSM sites and it seems only Fox was covering it. As I thought about it they have not given President Trump any good coverage sense he took office. Congress has not supported him, the main street media has not supported him. But still he has achieved many good things for the people and the country. The Deep State seems determined to get him out of office by any means possible up to and including lying to the American People. Twishing things he says and does to impeach him on.

But it doesn’t feel or seem like the American people are buying it. As much as they try to discredit him his supporters keep growing. The opposition has to be going apoplectic trying to figure out why everything they do is not working.

Though there was protesters that showed up it didn’t seem like it was the thousands that was predicted. It seems even the left has trouble believing that the President is as

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bad as the media and the progressives in congress make him out to be. Or maybe they just can’t buy into what the candidates are pushing for their party. Its hard to believe that the Democratic party is pushing so hard towards socialism. But if you were to believe the polls which I don’t, more people are saying that the president should be impeached. The same polls that said Hillary was going to win. The same polls that said the President colluded with Russia. i think they only poll people in NYC and San Fran.

Its going to be a interesting next 13 months. At this point anyone running on the left for president has nothing to offer the American people but higher taxes and massive unemployment. With one exception, Tulsi Gabbard. She at the moment seem to be the only one that doesn’t want to take our country into socialism.

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