Voting In 2020

President Trump just keeps on winning.

In a almost unanimous voice Congress passed a bipartisan bill called the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Wednesday President Trump signed it.

Trump’s signing of the act comes just days after pro-democracy candidates in Hong Kong won 269 out of 452 seats in 18 district council races, while pro-Beijing forces, who previously held 73 percent of the seats, won only 30. Voters came out in droves with a 71 percent turnout — up from 47 percent four years ago in the same elections, according to the Electoral Affairs Commission.

A Few Reasons Not To Vote Democrat

When Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, the National Debt was: $10,626,877,048,913.08. When Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017, the national debt was $19.9 trillion, according to U.S. Treasury data. Here’s your obama’s legacy. Be grateful that Trump didn’t ride obama’s “coat tails.”
Obama takes office 2009: National debt: $10.6 trillion.. leaves office: $20 trillion
Debt per person: $31,000 $61,340
Labor force participation 65.8% 62.8%
Home ownership: 67.3% 63.5%
Real median household income: $57,744 $54,045
Avg. Health Ins rate family plan: $12,680 $18,142
Food stamp dependents: 32 million 43.6 million
Tax to benefits ratio: <40% >60%
Persons living in poverty: 38 million 45 million
Sources: U.S. Treasury, U.S. Labor Statistics, U.S. Dept.of Agriculture, U.S. Congressional Budget Office

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Hong Kong Freedom

From half a world away my thoughts are with the people in Hong Kong that are standing up to the Chinese government. To have your freedom taken by a government that wants to put them under communism. It makes me think that we as Americans take our freedom for-granted. The people of Hong Kong have umbrellas to defend themselves with and sometimes bottles filled with gas or some other form of combustible. Against police and soldiers with guns.

China, with close to a billion and a half people could be a global power if the government was not so oppressive. Hong Kong along with Taiwan are bucking the China government and I am not sure how it will turn out. Will the people of China let the government use brutal force to crack down on the people of Hong Kong. Does China want another Tiananmen Square, while the world watches. Or will the people rise up and force the leader to change course.

Another School Shooting

Every life lost due to a shooting, any shooting is tragic. But why go after the right to defend yourself. Why is the left so intent on taking away the vast majority of law abiding citizens 2A rights? There are many many more deaths that are commited each year than those by guns. Drug overdose, medical malpractice, car accidents to name a few. I won’t even get into abortion. But why is the gun violence so more front and center and so much more publicity by the MSM and our Democratic and sadly some Republican law makers? Well if you were to listen to the People running for President on the Dem side you would know. Its a inch by inch regulation by regulation chip by chip infringement of yours and mine 2A Freedom. Until it gets to the point that they say you know what you don’t need a gun anymore you need to turn them in.

Climate Change

There is a arctic blast pushing its way down from the north. For all those climate change activists that think coal fired electrical plants, natural gas electrical plants heating oil heaters that contribute to the so called global warming. I am sure you will help the planet and turn off your electric, gas and oil heaters in the coming weeks. I am sure that those solar and wind powered generation plants are going to work out great for you.

What The Democrats Really Want To Do With Your Guns

As a gun owner most of my life of 62 years. I have really never paid to much attention to the political back and forth on gun control. When Clinton implemented the assault weapons buyback in the ninety’s it didn’t affect me that much. When it expired in 2005 I didn’t care that much as I had never owned one.

But then President Obama was elected and things seem to change. The country seemed to become more and more divided along racial , cultural, political and it seems every other divide there is. He came out and said he would not take our guns but after the first mass shooting after he became President his tone started to change. I started to buy guns.

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Quote of the Day

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is equal sharing of misery!”

Winston Churchill