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They seem to say that we need to vote this election because its going to be the most important vote in history. They have said it so much it’s old. It makes me tune it out. Is it important? Sure it is but just quit saying it is. Instead explain that the vote coming up is going to change how Americans are going to be treated by the people we elect. Explain how Socialism really works and not what it is taught in schools and colleges. Tell the people how America has made a difference in the world.

Will the next election mean much? Sure, but ask yourself this. Which party is better for you. Which party is better for your future and the future of you kids and grand kids. Will your decedents look back and say parents, grand parents, great great grand parents were just thinking of themselves or will they say my parents made sure we had a future.

How many of us know how much our forefathers sacrificed to give is the freedoms we have today. How many of us squander that freedom? How many of us actively plot against it? You know if you read anything on the news sites that there is a small segment but growing that is now supporting socialism. We even have Representatives and Senators in Congress that are openly socialists. We have activist judges that use their bench to push their agenda while for the most part being overruled. But they still push on.

Will this vote count? As with every election yes it will count. Is it the most important election? No. The most important election is the one that don’t vote in. The one that was taken from you be a tyrannical government that decided you no longer have that right. If you think I am over simplifying look to history. There are plenty of examples of socialism and communism in the history books. Unless history is erased as it seems to do under totalitarian rule.

Even under our democracy it seems people want to tear down our history and hide it. We are not perfect but that doesn’t mean we hide our mistakes. What was the norm or acceptable at that time in history, can only be corrected by the future generations that are willing to stand up and fight for that change. To pretend it does not exist erases all those who fought for that change. Take slavery, do we tear down everything that represented that period only to diminish the people that suffered through it or the people that fought to change it. And abortion, what will history tell us about this part in our past fifty or a hundred years from now. The time when we killed tens of millions or maybe hundreds of millions of babies before they were born. Because of what? These women were scared, inconvenienced, didn’t have a partner to help them, didn’t want to take or use birth control.

Will this vote matter? With the country seeming to be more and more divided yes it matters. Will it be the most important vote of our lives? That is something history will decide. What side of history will your vote be on? The one that is remembered or the one that is erased.

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