China’s Deception.

Cnbc reported today that China has come out and said that they have not had any new cases of coronavirus reported for two days now. How can that be? With over one and a half billion people that is just beyond impossible. With close to 81,000 cases and being air born how could they think anyone would believe that there are no new cases.

Now what would be believable is that no one has reported any new cases. I foresee millions of people coming down with the coronavirus in the coming months. There is no vaccine or cure for it to date.

It seems China is trying to improve it’s image and hope the rest of the world buys it. Problem is the world knows the virus came from China and they tried to cover it up for months. China’s doctors tried to warn the world but were shut down. Journalist are being kicked out of the country if they don’t portray China is a favorable light. I read where China even said they would curtail shipments of drugs to other countries. For those that don’t know ninety percent of out pharmaceuticals and ingredients that make our drugs are made in China now. This in the long run is going to hurt China more than they know. They were mistrusted before and now it will be worse.

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