Do You Think Your Safe From Your Government?

Deep-State networks, designed by a series of ruling-class presidents, enabled Barack Obama, a Democrat and a sitting US President, to attempt to conduct a coup d’état against a duly-elected presidential successor by using the power of the presidency, the tools of the nation’s intelligence community, and the coercive misapplication of law enforcement by the FBI to seditiously empower their own neo-socialist political faction.

Co-conspirators in the coup were the ruling-class political elite of both parties, the entrenched, long-service, federally employed, bureaucrats, and the media. All of them are now fighting as hard as they can to mischaracterize the obvious truth in order to avoid exposing their own complicity in the coup-overthrow of the people’s constitutional selection of Donald Trump as their president.

If Trump, his family, his friends, and his cabinet were not as strong as they are; physically, emotionally, and morally strong, if they were not as resilient, and yes, rich, they all would have been vaporized long ago under the relentless barrage by the seditious, self-serving, leftist cabal of 14-term politicians, deep-state operatives, and propagandist media.

The damage to our 230-year-old republic will persist for decades, maybe forever, regardless of which party future presidents belong to….still, the seditious Democrats and their treacherous cohorts will continue trying to reverse the will of 63 million Americans who voted for Trump. This is unacceptable.

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