Is There Privilege?

Privilege is not something your born into.

Privilege is not a race .

Privilege is not how smart you are or what your education is.

Privilege is not the job you have.

Privilege is not how happy or content you are in life.

Privilege is not how much food you have in the refrigerator.

Privilege is not how much money you have.

All these things can be taken from you.

Privilege is granted to you by the Freedoms you have. What Country has the greatest freedoms. What Country gives you the greatest opportunities. What Country has made the greatest advancements in the last two hundred years. What Country has fought and won world wars and never taken any foreign lands for themselves. What Country has fought for the freedoms of people all over the world. What Country has been the most generous and given the most of itself and it’s people.

The records and history do not lie. I make no apologies for what has happened in the past and for those that help make them happen. If we remember and study our mistakes maybe we won’t repeat them. The American people have a bright future, if we can retain our Freedoms. If you lose your Freedoms you will soon find you, nor anyone else has any privileges.

Don Wood

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