What’s The Democratic Game Plan?

The President didn’t start the virus and he didn’t bring it to America. Don’t forget, it started in China. Maybe it was developed in a lab, maybe in the wet markets. Either way China hid it from the world and then proceed to lock down its own country, while letting flights to other countries continue for weeks. The President of the United States is the only person to start locking out flights from China and soon the rest of the World. There is no vaccine or cure. There was no test kits for this virus. Its a new strain and it took weeks to map its genome to find a way to detect it.

Mean while the Democrats and Socialist are spinning it as though it’s all the Presidents fault. All the while it’s them that are trying to keep things shut down. American’s don’t mind working for the common good. What we do mind is being kept in the dark and being fed shit. While we may have differences in political thinking we can still smell B.S. when we hear it. The Democrats have been putting out one thing after another to discredit this President. The Main Stream Media has been their mouth piece. They are the megaphone for the people that want to bring down the President.
They have been pushing through legislation and bills that they know won’t pass the Senate. All on the pretense that they are doing something. They have been blocking and obstructing what the President has been trying to achieve. What he told the American people he wanted to achieve in his first term. But sense that was going against what the Socialist and Democrats had in mind they tried to impeach him.

The President has done more to expose more corruption in government than any other President. This in of itself has brought on more attacks from the left and the right in congress. It has polarized the parties and made them push their agenda out into the light of day for all to see. The Republicans don’t have a lot to talk about either. Besides putting more conservative judges on the bench than any other congress they have not helped the President that much at all. Look at all the Republicans that have jumped ship. Most didn’t support the President’s agenda of exposing the swamp the corruption and the way they waste tax payers money.

The American people need to wake up and start making their voices heard. The people making all the noise on the left are a very small minority. But the MSM is pointing their cameras on them and giving them the spot light. The MSM is showing them as the victims the underdogs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The silent majority of Americans, the ones that go to work, take care of their families, look forward to a nice quiet weekend. They are not living in a vacuum. They are paying attention and making up their own minds as to what to do about it. For the most part it doesn’t affect them. The rioting, looting and burning is mostly in the big cities. But we are watching and waiting. We will make our voices heard.

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