For Those Thinking Defund The Police Is The Way To Go!

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So, if we defund the police, then we don’t need law enforcement.

If no law enforcement, then we don’t need the US House or US Senate to make laws that we don’t enforce. We don’t need SCOTUS to judge our laws that we don’t enforce. We don’t need an Executive Branch of government to execute laws we don’t enforce.

We don’t need government at all because we don’t have any laws we enforce.

So, what’s left? Mob rule by force of death and intimidation. True anarchy, not the watered-down version you see in the streets now. Total chaos. No jobs, no food supply, no healthcare, no water, no electricity. Hell on earth like you’ve never seen except in a war zone.

Just think about that and then vote for Biden? He is for defunding the police.
Trump wants to enforce the laws of this Constitutional Republic.

We get to choose.
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