Will American Values Survive?

How is it, that all these Democratic leaders in our society have suddenly turned Socialist or worst Communist? Some have been showing their hand for a while now, but others have just recently started. Then there are the businesses. We have known that the MSM has been the propaganda arm of the Democrats for a while now. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. But all the social media platforms that are silencing Conservative voices is very telling. Even the Democratic leaders in Government and some on the Republican side are not hiding it any longer. The American people see it, but for now most will sit and watch. Their anger is slowly rising. You can almost feel it, like any moment something will give and all hell will break loose. Our President seems to be fighting this all alone but he knows, we the people will stand behind him, beside him and if need be in front of him armed. We are a land of law and order but in the last few months both law and order have seem to have flown out the window in a few of our great cities. It’s time to take them back, because the rot of Socialism is spreading.

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