President Trump

The things President Trump has turned upside down sense he took office will be felt for years to come. He has forced the Democrats to come out for what they really want America to be. He has force China out in the open to what they are doing to the world. Look at what the Democrats have stooped to, to try to remove a sitting President from office! We have not seen this much deception from one party to another in the history of our country. And for what? To keep enough power to push their socialist agenda forward? To align our country more with the way China is run? There is only one choice in November. To try and push back on the socialist and return our country to a constitutionalist Republic we need to vote out as many Democrats and Socialist as possible. We need to elect as many Constitutional Republicans as we can. If we don’t and the country keeps going the way it is right now. We the American People will step up. We are the majority, the patriots the silent. It takes a lot to make us stand up against evil. But stand up we will even if its against our fellow misguided Americans.

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