President Trump Will Get A Third Supreme Court Pick:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg past away at the age of 87. Now the country has choice. Will they give the President another term to further his vision of America. Or will they elect Joe Biden who will take our country on a path towards socialism.

Regardless of that choice President Trump will choose a Supreme Court Justice this weekend. His pick will go towards a Senate that is just four votes in favor of the Republicans. The court will in all likely hood lean to the right and favor a constitutionally leaning court.

This is sending the Democrats into fits of terror. They see their power to push their socialist agenda evaporating. They have been losing appellate court judges and Supreme Court judges sense Trump has been elected. The Senate has seated 53 appellate court judges and 161 district court judges. Along with now 3 Supreme court judges.

This will alter the future of America for a generation at least.

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