July 4, 2022

1 thought on “Republicans see Democrats drive to rig system, secure one-party rule, despite promises of bipartisanship

  1. If you look back at the 2008-2010 Democrat controlled government. You’ll see how they rammed through Obama-care without any Republican buy in. They did it because they knew that they would only have a slim chance of keeping both houses and wanted to push through as much as they could before they lost control.
    They are in the same boat now with an even less majority in both houses than they did back then. But because they know they only have a narrow window to push through their power grab and tax and spend bills they are going for broke. Not only are they trying to pass bills to consolidate their power but also pushing through legislation to take away our rights. Going completely against our Constitution. Draped all in the guises of “For The People”.

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