July 1, 2022

1 thought on “Supreme Court blocks Biden OSHA vaccine mandate, allows rule for health care workers

  1. Businesses of all sizes need to grow a backbone and quit letting the government blackmail them into doing what they want ! Everyone knew that it was unconstitutional, Why didn’t they stand up and say no! Why did all these businesses go along with it? This is how you lose a democracy, as the Democrats claim the republicans are trying to do. You roll over and let the Feds tell you what to do. You give the government the power to run your lives. Look at the health care workers that have to take the shot or the hospital will lose the Medicare and Medicaid money. This is pure and simple blackmail. How is it the Supreme Court does not see this? What about the patients? What happens to them when there is not enough health care workers to see patients because they don’t want to take the shot? It’s time to roll back the scope and power of our government.

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