NYC councilman condemns Democrat who expressed condolences to family of alleged police killer

By Charles Creitz

Kristin Richardson Jordan faced criticism from peers after offering sympathy

A Democratic New York City councilwoman is under fire for remarks she made following the fatal shooting of two NYPD officers, in which she offered condolences to the slain officers and their alleged killer in the same line.

On “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham cited a report saying Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan, who represents the home area of slain Officer Jason Rivera, previously equated the law enforcement system with slavery.

Richardson Jordan wrote Tuesday on Twitter: “My deepest condolences to the families of Officer Rivera, Officer Mora and Lashawn McNeil. Lives lost due to broken public safety & mental health systems that spare nobody. Harlem stands with the families of the fallen and we will not stop fighting for a safer world for all.”

McNeil, allegedly a career criminal with ties to New York, Baltimore, and Allentown, Pa., died reportedly from injuries sustained after being shot by a third officer while trying to escape the scene.

New York City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli, R-Staten Island, told Ingraham that Richardson Jordan’s comments were reprehensible.

“She’s a complete disgrace, and kudos to some of my Democratic colleagues who’ve chimed in on her as well,” he said, after Richardson Jordan was met with somewhat bipartisan criticism in the 46-5 Democratic-majority chamber.

Borelli noted Richardson Jordan represents the area where the shooting happened and where slain officer Jason Rivera lived. 

“To mention his name … in the same sentence, almost equivocating it with the man who killed him is a new low for some people that I thought couldn’t possibly go lower,” he added. “And yet, here we are.”

New York City Councilman condemns Democrat who expressed ...

“People like this have no place in office. I’m happy to disagree with people all the time, and there are some decent people I disagree with. [Richardson Jordan] is not one of them.”

Borelli also criticized freshman New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat who has been accused of forwarding soft-on-crime policies.

“He’s the one who’s telling us he’s not going to charge people with gun crimes and fully prosecute them, according to the law. So it’s just lip service from people like him. And unfortunately, that has real-world consequences,” Borelli said.

“Every single police action, whether it’s a domestic violence response like this or a traffic stop, has the potential of going south. And if police officers are not going to be protected by the law, if the prosecutors are going to go after the people, then we have to reconsider whether it’s even worth the risk of sending cops in the first place.”

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“And it’s unfortunate that we’re having this conversation in the wake of the death of two of our finest people.”

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  • These are not democrats. They are socialists. Their goal is to disarm the law abiding by blaming the rise in crime on guns not the policies they intentionally put in place. By changing the severity of crimes from felony to misdemeanors it will make it look their policies are working except for “gun violence”. Their main goal has always been to disarm the law abiding, never forget that. It will be followed by a federal police force. No doubt with the FBI in charge to confiscate guns. That is why they want to eliminate the police force. That is why they are flooding our country with drug dealers, sex traffickers, and drugs. It is all about making it dangerous for us so we will want a “Federal Police Force”. Nothing they do from financing the election of DA’s to open borders, to defunding the police, and shutting down free speech is by accident. It is about fear. Just like covid. Keep everyone afraid. Keep people divided and pitted against each other.

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