May 21, 2022

1 thought on “NYC councilman condemns Democrat who expressed condolences to family of alleged police killer

  1. These are not democrats. They are socialists. Their goal is to disarm the law abiding by blaming the rise in crime on guns not the policies they intentionally put in place. By changing the severity of crimes from felony to misdemeanors it will make it look their policies are working except for “gun violence”. Their main goal has always been to disarm the law abiding, never forget that. It will be followed by a federal police force. No doubt with the FBI in charge to confiscate guns. That is why they want to eliminate the police force. That is why they are flooding our country with drug dealers, sex traffickers, and drugs. It is all about making it dangerous for us so we will want a “Federal Police Force”. Nothing they do from financing the election of DA’s to open borders, to defunding the police, and shutting down free speech is by accident. It is about fear. Just like covid. Keep everyone afraid. Keep people divided and pitted against each other.

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