May 21, 2022

1 thought on “Ivermectin Shows Antiviral Effect Against Omicron: Japanese Pharma Firm

  1. I wonder how the MRNA is entering the cells which stimulates the immune response thus producing antibodies. Could it be that if Ivermectin were taken at the same time as an injection, that ivermectin had already closed and locked the door to the cells thereby nullifying the benefit of the vaccine and they know this. For what I have read, ivermectin does exactly that, it blocks the access that Covid would have to the cells and also interferes with the transmission of the DNA/RNA that the virus would need to subdue the
    immune response. To the later, the method of implanting the virus information to the cells is blocked. So what I’ve read it protects us in two ways. But as I said if the vaccine uses the same method to introduce their messenger RNA into our cells and it is blocked by the Ivermectin then of course they will fight the broad distribution of ivermectin. Nature cannot waste any energy. So there are many compounds in the body which the body produces that uses that compound in many different ways. So it stands to reason that compounds such as ivermectin which does kill parasites in the body would also have multiple functions. No one has told us how ivermectin goes about taking care of the parasites. someone knew this or otherwise why was it ever made public and why should we even consider ivermectin as an antiviral. And I do not believe that this is snake oil and even if the placebo effect is a positive thing and ivermectin does not hurt or damage the body, then why not allow it. But if ivermectin is blocking a pathway for the effectiveness of the vaccine and they know it, that gets to their pocketbook.

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