Democrats Met With Oil Execs Last Year And Pressured Them To Decrease Output Over Climate Change

By Mike LaChance

Democrats are not trying to fix the problem of high gas prices, they’re trying to transform the country to green energy.

They’re so obsessed with climate change that they even had a meeting with oil executives last year and pressured them to decrease output.

Imagine how different things might be now if they had not done this.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

TRENDING: REPORT: Democrats Met With Oil Execs Last Year And Pressured Them To Decrease Output Over Climate Change

How Dems Helped Spike Gas Prices

Despite reassurances from the White House that it is doing nothing to discourage oil companies from opening new drill sites, President Joe Biden’s allies in Congress just months ago pressured oil executives to decrease outputs because of climate change, raising questions about the Democratic Party’s strategy to lower prices for consumers.

In late October, for example, the House Oversight and Reform Committee called in the CEOs of Exxon, BP, Shell, and Chevron to explain what steps they are taking to produce less oil and gas, with Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) alleging that “the world can’t wait” any longer. At the time, gas prices were hovering around a 10-year high.

The hearing has gained new relevance as a global gas shortage has pushed prices to an all-time high. Prices are rising even more due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with no sign of falling after Biden’s announcement that the United States will no longer accept Russian oil imports. Those facts have left Democrats scrambling for a solution before the November midterms as Republicans demand that the White House encourage domestic oil drilling operations.

Meanwhile, the price of gas just keeps going up.

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