May 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “Democrats divided over how to deal with rising inflation

  1. On top of not knowing how to deal with American problems that they created:

    ex-Obama CIA laptop disinformation – 100% Democrats
    big tech censorship – 95% Democrats
    media censorship – 95% Democrats

    Cancel culture – Democrats
    War on police – Democrats
    Defund police – Democrats
    Police Assassinations – Democrats
    Race riots – Democrats
    War on middleclass – Democrats
    War on ICE – Democrats
    Sanctuary cities/states from Federal law and order – Democrats

    non-citizen voting – Democrats
    no ID voting – Democrats
    Mail in fraud – Democrats
    Ballot harvesting – Democrats

    Mandates – Democrats
    Authoritarianism – Democrats

    Divide Americans by race, gender and creed – Democrats

    No bail – Democrats
    Surging crime – Democrats
    Radical DAs – Democrats

    Top ten Most Violent cities – Democrat

    ANTIFA – Democrats
    BLM – Democrats
    Cancel Culture – Democrats
    Identity politics – Democrats

    Biden racial discrimination, exclude by race, SCOTUS pick
    Virtue signal – Democrats
    SJW – Democrats

    Arming the Taliban – Biden
    Military running away from Taliban – Biden
    Bombing children – Biden
    Images of Afghans clinging / falling from aircraft – Biden

    Enabling Putin – Biden
    Weak, senile, feckless, and incompetent – Biden
    Telegraph intent – Biden

    Can’t even read from prompter – Biden

    24/7 365 lecturing and sermonizing – Democrats
    more obnoxious than robocalls – Democrats
    more self-righteous than any evangelist – Democrats

  2. The Democrats have no clue how to fix the mess they created. As for the Republicans offering suggests? Why should they. Let the Democrats wallow in their own mess the American voters will hopefully correct their thinking in Nov. By voting out a large portion of the Democrats in office.

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