May 21, 2022

3 thoughts on “NBC’s Yamiche Alcindor: WH has ‘messaging issue’ when poll shows voters blame Biden, not Putin, for inflation

  1. 49 years of complete failure is all Biden is known for, And he’s living up too his legacy. “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to (F) things up. And as you have seen the democrats ideology of “Defund the Police” has led to more violent crimes and murders, Their ideology of “Equity” has led to more racism and hate. Their “Open Borders Policy” have made America less safe. Skyrocketing Inflation and Gas prices, Begging Tyrants and Dictators for oil to bypass another Dictator, And the World on the Brink of WW3 etc. etc. Voting this year is about Saving America from within and democrats are not a viable choice

  2. So what she is saying is that Biden needs to change his message so the MSM can put out the propaganda in a way to make more people not believe what they see and listen to the lies. Have I got it now?

  3. These networks and so called reporters have been carrying water for the Democratic-socialist party for years.

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