May 20, 2022

1 thought on “Gov. Noem tells GOP to ‘get over yourself’ and listen for the sake of America

  1. Governor Noem Republicans have been listening and turning the other check and caving to the Dem’s for decades. This is the reason we are where we’re at today. Although the Dem’s have been pushing much harder than Republicans , Republicans are by no means innocent in the decline of our freedoms and way of life. But the Democrats have been over run by socialists and communists. They have infiltered every aspect of our lives and education and sowed the seeds of socialism. Our young were taught that America was never a great country and needs to be torn down and rebuilt to achieve what it was suppose to be. It may not be to late to have a civil dialog but first you have to have two sides that want to listen. I fear that’s not likely to happen.

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