May 21, 2022

1 thought on “Report Reveals Russia Is Behind Green Energy Propaganda – “Russian Dark Money Funded Green Groups in the West”

  1. “Scientists” in the ’70s were looking for grant money to study methods to stop global cooling. In the ’90s, they switched to global warming when short term weather went from cool to warm. Their demands for money didn’t change, just grew larger. Satellite data since 1979 show that the earth has cooled slightly in the last 20 years. Earth has been warming since the 1860s at the end of the Little Ice Age. That lasted 600 years. Pictures of now retreating ice show logs under the ice that are dating 6-700 years old. The ice grew over them in the 1300s. Real science is that the Minoan, Roman and Medieval warmings were warmer than it is now. Thousand year cycles means we are due for another. Look on line for a discussion of unobtanium.

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