May 21, 2022

1 thought on “Parental rights revolution is a problem for Democrats

  1. First, do no harm! Whatever happened to this doctors creed? During the 2020 till now pandemic doctors and caregivers seem to have forgotten this. They have become a victim of the government overseerers, the insurance companies and the political buracracies of the hospitals. From masks on kids and even adults to a experimental vaccine. How many doctors were told, you push this or else.
    Then there is the school curriculum with CRT and the whole lgbt-trans issue. Parents have had enough and they are going to start standing up for their right to raise their kids the way they want. They will hold everyone that comes into contact with their kids responsible. From health care to education , childcare to after school programs. Parents need to wake up and realize that the government does not have your kids best interest at heart and never did. Like everything else they use us and our kids as pawns in their political games.

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