May 21, 2022

1 thought on “DC college students say climate change and COVID-19 are top voting priorities

  1. CLIMATE CHANGE? How about “Do you have any change?” Or “I can’t afford a change of clothes”. Did it snow this winter? (Yes), Will it be hot this summer? (Yes) — so, HOW much “change” is THAT??? (Yeah, about none). And, COVID? At this point, and in your age group, you should worry more about alcohol-related injuries, traffic accidents, and STDS. If you want to worry about something related to COVID, be worried about the effects of the vaccine (which is far more likely to cause adverse effects than the virus). And, consider a different school, because this one isn’t teaching you HOW to think!!!!

    I didn’t hear anyone saying inflation, gas and food prices, the mass immigration of illegals at the border. I guess they are not affected by the here and now issues for everyday Americans.

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