Elizabeth Warren reveals how out-of-touch abortion supporters are

By Shawn Carney

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, a new panic has spread among legislators suddenly realizing that the pro-life movement has cared all along about women and about children after they are born. Their panic only gets worse when they discover that there are pregnancy help centers that offer such things as free medical treatment and supplies for the women and their babies, both before and after they are born.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was recently stricken with this panic. She responded by demanding that pregnancy help centers be “shut down” across the country. The senator made outlandish claims that centers “fool” and “torture” women into carrying their pregnancies to term as they seek abortion access. She lamented that such centers outnumber abortion clinics in Massachusetts by 3 to 1.

The very goal of a pregnancy center is to support women. Since Roe was overturned, pro-abortionists have demanded that pro-life Christians help women through their pregnancies and make sure they have the resources needed to raise children and be good parents. And that’s exactly what such pregnancy centers do, and have done, in Massachusetts and across the country. These services are in high demand, and many people donate to them, which is why they outnumber abortion providers 5 to 1 across America.

I have visited many such pregnancy centers in Massachusetts, and I invite Warren to do the same so she can have pride in what her constituents are doing to help women facing unexpected pregnancies. Such visits would also lessen how out-of-touch she is with women in her own state and the free options available to them. Hopefully, the senator, although she supports abortion, would be happy to see that her great state has 33 pregnancy centers that offer free help, four shelters for pregnant women, and 10 organizations that help post-abortive women if they have any regret.

That’s 47 free alternatives — not for men, not for Republicans, not for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but for women in her state.

I have spoken at hundreds of pregnancy center fundraising banquets over the last 15 years and many in Massachusetts. I always meet people at these events who support legal abortion yet also support pregnancy help centers. Warren’s rant and tone make her sound like she is talking about clinics that sell drugs to children or businesses that harbor sex traffickers. When you realize she is responding to free medical help and free material support for women in her own state, it reveals how out-of-touch many abortion supporters like her are. This helps explain their shock at the progress that the pro-life movement has made at the local level.

The overturning of Roe highlighted how one side of this issue has been asleep at the wheel on the grassroots level, relying instead on a decades-old decision by nine justices in a distant capital. Now that Roe is history, they want to “shut down” the good that people are doing at the local level to help women, all to serve their obsession with abortion.

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