Democrats weaponizing DOJ, FBI, CDC, DOE, CLIMATE CHANGE and the IRS against Americans you and me, WHY?

By Don Wood

In a word CONTROL!

Our government wants to control your money, your education, your medical choices, your justice, and your electrical consumption. But looking backwards in history what has our government done that has actually worked out for the people? The bigger they get the more they make our lives a living hell. It’s pretty much been this way sense it’s conception but in the last few decades it’s grown to this behemoth that is out of control.

With the failed Defund the Police debacle, the government is turning the IRS and FBI loose on the American people. The governments attempt to federalize the police forces across America failed when crime became to extreme for the people to ignore. So now they are attempting to use other means.

Using the IRS as storm troopers to push the federal narrative will now take affect after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. Another 87,000 agents will be deployed to go after Americans to squeeze as much money as they can out of the taxpayers. Why is the IRS internal report showing heavily armed agents simulating an assault on a suburban home as part of their training?

The training simulation is likely to prompt concern following the revelation of an IRS job posting that announced it was looking to hire people who are ready to kill.

The job ad listed one of the “major duties” of IRS agents to be able to “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

Who is the hospitals and doctors answering to? Who are they serving, the people or the government? Using the medical field to force compliance, if you don’t want to do as your told you can’t get medical care. Your health insurance will be cut off or won’t matter. You won’t be able to get the care or surgery you need if you don’t check all the boxes the government requires. During the pandemic people were denied life saving operations because they didn’t have the covid shot. The government will use the CDC to control the people. The common cold will be a pandemic and you will have to follow whatever guidelines they announce. If you don’t, they will come for your healthcare.

In the last couple year during the Covid pandemic parents across America found that the public school system was infringing on parents rights. They were bringing in controversial subjects that had nothing to do with what they thought was being taught. The public schools are pushing gender and pronoun issues. They are pushing Critical Race Theories, and something called the 1619 project, a alternate history on America. Some schools are saying math is racist, pushing equality and equity instead of helping kids bring their grades up and understanding why math can only be 2 + 2 = 4. Your kids education will be indoctrinated and they will not be taught what is needed to succeed in life

Climate change is just another scam to take your money for the government’s projects. The government is giving rebates and subsidies to push the renewable energy projects. The government just passed the Inflation Reduction Bill with subsidies to the electric car purchases. Then the car companies raised the price of their cars to more than the subsidies. The Biden administration campaigned on cutting out the fossil fuel industry.

On day one he cut drilling on federal land, no new leases and instantly we went from a energy exporter and energy independent to high gas prices and high electrical prices. When they reduce our ability to generate enough electricity to keep everything running it’s the people that will have to do without. Do you think they will cut their power to save electricity?

If they control the courts the FBI and the justice department, don’t think for a second that if you step out of line they won’t come after you. They will take everything you have and cut off everything you need. this is what a dictatorship does to people that don’t agree with them.

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