Jordan Peterson issues dire warning: ‘woke’ totalitarian social credit system is ‘highly probable’

Story by Gabriel Hays

Canadian psychologist, author, and famous anti-woke thinker Jordan Peterson warned western countries that a totalitarian social credit system coming to their societies is “highly probable.”

In a recent interview with Australia’s Sky News, Peterson claimed that the policies and restrictions implemented by western nations during the COVID-19 pandemic may pave the way for an automated social credit and “digital passport” system that would endanger the rights of citizens.

He also said that most of the public has no idea it could happen.

Sky News’s Rita Panahi introduced the topic, asking, “Do you think what we did during COVID could usher in our version of a social credit system?

Without hesitation, Peterson responded by saying, “Oh, yes, definitely. Yeah, that’s highly probable.”

Panahi followed up, “And that it will be accepted by many people?” 

“They won’t even notice,” her guest interjected, saying, “You can’t believe how much people don’t know these things.”

He then gave an example showing how many western leaders have yet to learn about wokeness and “cancel culture” and the threat it could pose. 

Peterson said, “When I went to the U.K., I talked to some people from the House of Lords… The most astute of the people sitting in the House of Lords had only become aware of the woke movement in the last 18 months.”


Peterson illustrated how societies could get to such a place: “People have no idea, it’s like, ‘Well, why not have a digital passport? I mean, you know, how convenient!’”

He continued, “And it’s like, fair enough, you can understand that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pay for everything with our phones? It’s like, wouldn’t it be nice if the central government — who is woke-oriented and makes carbon dioxide remediation the priority — knows exactly what you spend on everything so they can target you tax-wise with precision?”

Peterson also said it would be a “miracle” if the West avoided such a seemingly “convenient” system. 

He added, “You can see the signs of this everywhere, when you go through airports now there’s a lot of automated barriers – you show your passports. Well, these are automated barriers, what if you can’t go through them? Well, that’s the situation for many people in China. What are you gonna do? You gonna argue with the machine?”

Expressing the horror of the potential situation, Peterson said, “Imagine how screwed you are! It’s way worse than anything Kafka ever imagined. Cause at least with Kafka there were bureaucrats. Faceless though they may have been, there were at least still human. Once the machines can lock you out, you are in such trouble.”

Concluding his point, he declared, “We’re speeding towards that with an immense lack of care.”

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