OBGYN’s opinion stripped from Parents Magazine article for failing to toe liberal line on abortion

Story by Taylor Penley

Arizona-based OB/GYN Dr. Greg Marchand said his expert opinion was stripped from a Parents Magazine article 48 hours after publication because it failed to tow the liberal line on abortion

“The focus of this article was some TikTok craze where people were being told that their lives would be in danger if they needed an abortion in an emergency circumstance. As a result of that, they were being encouraged to make a living will to let doctors know that they wanted their lives saved before the lives of their baby,” he told Fox News Digital Tuesday.

The article published on March 7 focused particularly on these decisions, should complications arise during delivery, including one TikTok video from user Mackenzie Lopez whose overlaid caption informed doctors to save her instead of her baby if complications arose during birth.

Marchand’s contributions went against popular pro-abortion narratives that pro-life laws would harm mothers, by scaring doctors with legal repercussions for performing abortions in the event of complications.

One redacted quote read: “All board-certified OB-GYNs in the United States understand when a [birthing parent’s] life is in danger, none of us are afraid to act… I would never hesitate to terminate a pregnancy when a [parent’s] life is in danger, and I am certain I speak for every board-certified OB-GYN in the country when I say that. None of us are scared; none of us want to ‘check with our lawyers’ or need a refresher on the law.”

Other redacted quotes suggested that “life-of-mother” situations exist, but not on the “emergency basis” suggested. 

“There is no situation where the immediate decision to save the mother or baby must be made,” one quote read.

Parents Magazine later quoted Marchand as saying, “Plainly put, there are no situations where a doctor must make a ‘save one or the other decision’ urgently… If something has gotten to the point where an emergency surgery must be performed, there is no longer a choice at that moment.”

These comments along with others were removed without explanation nearly two days after the article was published. Marchand added that he was unaware of the change until after he posted the article to social media and became inundated with messages notifying him that his comments had been removed.

“What’s really remarkable is these weren’t really pro-life opinions per se,” he said.

“It wasn’t like I was on there saying all abortions are wrong or all abortion is murder or something like that,” he said. “What I was doing was presenting the factual arguments, the facts of the case, so to speak, as to why the disinformation from the left just wasn’t true and why there are no emergency circumstances where doctors are going to have to choose between your life and the baby’s life, and there’s just no circumstances where elective abortion laws are going to make a woman’s life be in danger from other types of emergency situations.”

Marchand said he suspects the magazine edited out his comments because they did not suit their “pro-choice views.” 

“The disinformation that goes around abortion is really some of the most powerful disinformation there is,” he said. 

“Most of the other disinformation that comes from the left, for example, if somebody wants to say so-and-so is a racist or so-and-so wants to pass a law to ban homosexuality or ban interracial marriage, that’s easy to disprove,” he added. “The average person can just make a few clicks and go ahead and see that that’s false, but, in these cases, there’s a little bit more medicine to it, there’s a little medical terminology, and somebody who’s not very familiar with medical terminology or medicine really could fall into the trap of believing this.”

Marchand said he reached out to the Parents Magazine via Twitter and also contacted the article’s author to ask about the quote removal and received no response from either.

Parents Magazine didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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