Very Bad News for Super-Vaccinated People: Study | Facts Matter

By Roman Balmakov

A new, recently published study found that the more COVID-19 shots a person received, the more weakened their immune system becomes. The researchers laid out within the study the mechanism by how this happens, which has to do with the spike in production of IgG4 anti-bodies within the vaccine recipient’s body.

A new body of research has recently discovered that these IgG4 anti-bodies are not benign, but can lead to a plethora of problems for the human body, including cancer, organ dysfunction, organ failure, and even death.

The technical name for this is IgG4-Related Disease.

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  • Many people want to “Move On” from Covid, and I get it – I do too.

    The thing is, We can’t. There’s no going back. We learned some things about Ordinary People, and we must discuss it.

    Some people were scared, and some people were not. Those who were scared were willing to do to terrible things to those who were not.

    Ordinary people called for the health insurance of other ordinary people to be canceled.

    Ordinary people silenced some of the most highly trained and qualified physicians in the world, and other ordinary people championed the censorship.

    Ordinary people were glad other ordinary people could not eat inside with them.

    Ordinary people eagerly explained to other ordinary people that their child would not be receiving a life saving transplant due to their vaccination status.

    Ordinary people cheered as Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Radiologists, and many other Healthcare Workers were fired, when they were called hero’s months before.

    Ordinary people cheered as blue color state employees were fired, when they were called “Essential” months before.

    Ordinary people were angry when The Supreme Court stepped in and saved the jobs of many unvaccinated workers in the private sector.

    Ordinary people shunned family members, and un-friended life long friends.

    Ordinary people were un-invited from trips and kicked out of groups, clubs, and communities.

    Ordinary people kept ordinary student athletes from competing due to vaccination status.

    Probably the worst of all, ordinary people were coerced into injecting themselves with an unknown substance, that they didn’t want, all under false pretenses, many of which had terrible or deadly reactions.

    The list goes on an on, and so do the crimes against humanity.

    Ordinary people became monsters, all because of fear.

    Are you ordinary?

    Do you live in fear?

    Did you become a monster?

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