Denver ‘sanctuary city’ farce EXPOSED: Busloads of ‘up to 30,000 illegal migrants’ from border states brought in

Story by Ben Chapman 

A Denver-based reporter has blasted the US city becoming a “sanctuary” for illegal migrants.

Speaking on GB News, Jimmy Sengenberger says “busloads” of migrants have been arriving as the city struggles to contend with such large quantities of people.

It comes after reports suggesting more than $33 million has been spent by the City of Denver supporting the influx, with many coming from Venezuela.

Sengenberger told Patrick Christys that there has been a “change” in where migrants are arriving from.

“It’s not just from South America, it’s people coming in from Africa and from Asia”, he said.

“They’re apparently being sold this bill of goods that if they come to the United States, they’ll be provided with food, medical care and housing.

“That is overburdening cities across the country, including those like Denver, where we have a status for the City of Denver in what’s called a ‘sanctuary city’ where reporting immigrants, illegal immigrants to federal authorities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement isn’t a standard practice.

“In fact, it’s explicitly discouraged.”

He added that “busloads” have been arriving from other parts of the country, leaving the city filled to the brim.

“Up to 30,000 have come in last year to Denver from Texas and other states down at the border”, he said.

“It is really putting a strain on the infrastructure and the systems here.”

Denver is estimated to have received more than 30,000 immigrants in one year in what a city spokesman has dubbed an “emergency”.

“It has taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears from the Denver staff”, he told CBS.

The city has demanded further financial funding from the federal government while calling on southern border states to stop overnight drop-offs without notice.

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The American public have opted to show generosity despite harbouring concerns by encouraging the public to buy Christmas gifts for immigrant children.

The city is also set to host a job fair for part-time workers, offering more than $30 an hour to help staff the shelters serving the immigrants.

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  • All those so-called sanctuary cities are now having to live up to what they have been claiming to be. It seems they were virtue signaling all along thinking they would never have to actually deal with the reality. Now they are asking the federal government to bail them out in what would be a never-ending stream of taxpayer money to those cities. We need to actually secure the border, start mass deportation and revamp our immigration policies. Stop ALL immigration until we have a grasp in the problem and know it won’t get out of hand again.

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