Biden’s Gun Control Agenda Under Siege: Montana Rep. Drops Bombshell Over Controversial Spending Bills

Story by Toni Grzunov

In a House Rules Committee hearing, Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) voiced strong opposition to several pieces of legislation, expressing concerns about the allocation of funds and potential overreach by federal agencies. Let’s take an in-depth look at the key points raised by the lawmaker during the session.

Prohibiting Funding for the Office of Gun Violence Prevention: Unilateral Action or Congressional Oversight?

Rep. Rosendale’s first amendment zeroes in on the newly created Office of Gun Violence Prevention, asserting that it empowers President Biden to implement gun control measures without Congressional approval. 

The Montana representative argues that using taxpayers’ money for an office he deems as infringing on Second Amendment rights is unacceptable. Explore the implications of this move and the broader debate on gun control within the context of federal spending.

IRS Weaponization: Curbing Armed Intimidation and Militarization

Amendments 67, 93, and 155 directly confront the IRS’s alleged weaponization against American citizens. Rep. Rosendale cites instances of armed IRS agents intimidating businesses, emphasizing the need to halt the purchase and storage of firearms and ammunition by the IRS. Delve into the congressman’s claims and the broader discussion surrounding the militarization of federal agencies.

The final set of amendments, including numbers 2117, 245, 170, and 158, touch upon diverse issues, from climate reporting standards for federal suppliers to preventing funds for new federal buildings. 

Rep. Rosendale argues for increased accountability and a reduction in unnecessary federal spending. Analyze the implications of these proposed measures and their potential impact on government operations and public trust.

People in the comments agree with Rosendale: “We are not criminals.  We are law-abiding members of our communities.”

Others are voicing their displeasure with the president: “Impeach him now before it’s too late!”

There are some who disagree: “A law-abiding citizen is law-abiding until the moment that he isn’t.   The foreseeability of snapping so prevalent in American spree killers is the component that is always missing from the 2A advocates’ tautological argument.”

However, the majority is in agreement with Rep. Rosendale: “Taxes pay America’s expenses. We need rational congressional representatives.  Frivolous bills should be immediately tabled or dismissed altogether.”

“Well, when the government by oath is tasked with your protection, indeed makes you a criminal by statute, then it is time to replace that government since they failed both oath and task.  Hence our second amendment right,” another one added.

A Robust Challenge to Spending Bills Raises Questions of Fiscal Responsibility and Government Overreach

Rep. Matt Rosendale’s comprehensive critique of discretionary spending brings to light concerns about the effectiveness of federal programs, constitutional boundaries, and the potential misuse of taxpayer dollars. 

As the debate continues, the congressman’s amendments underscore a broader discussion on the role of oversight, individual freedoms, and responsible governance in a complex fiscal landscape.

A lot of questions should be raised about this controversial topic. Do the proposed amendments reflect a necessary check on government agencies, or are they an impediment to essential functions like gun violence prevention and tax enforcement?

How can the balance be struck between ensuring Second Amendment rights and preventing potential misuse of firearms, especially in the context of the proposed defunding of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention?

Is the IRS justified in its recent expenditures on weapons and ammunition, or does it raise concerns about the militarization of a tax enforcement agency?

What impact might the prohibition of funds for the Consumer Product Safety Commission have on consumer safety, and does this signal a loss of confidence in regulatory bodies?

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  • People are screaming that Trump will do away with democracy. However, I see clearly that democrats seem to be trying to do just that! The vehicles, appliances, schools, foods, medical care, plastics, tools, fuels, housing, safety, etc. Not one of these have made any category better. It is a money and power grab for them! There is zero grace and dignity! And they can’t debate!

    Guns are not the problem and never have been. We have been passing gun control laws at the state and federal levels for decades and they continue to fail. Are you too timid to look at the root causes of criminal violence? The breakdown of the family unit, the lack of discipline in homes and schools, the lack of individual accountability and responsibility, the lack of respect for authority, and mostly the lack of respect for human life. But no, all you can do is blame inanimate objects, law-abiding gun owners, and gun rights organizations. It’s almost like reducing crime and saving lives is not the goal. Gun control is the solution of tyrants and the simple-minded.
    “Do any of you think you could talk a thug, rapist or sociopath out of doing whatever it is such a monster wants to do to you?”
    “Then isn’t it immoral to disempower citizens who might have to face such fiends?”
    No human right is more essential to a free and just society than the fundamental right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones in the face of a violent, criminal attack. The right to self-defense or the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. These are fundamental, natural rights, which our Founders enumerated in the Constitution.
    Both of these freedoms date back centuries in early English law. Our Founding Fathers enshrined them in our Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. They knew that “liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is not possible without “life”—and that life, unfortunately, is many times not possible without the legal right to use a firearm in self-defense. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld and reaffirmed this fundamental legal precept numerous times. President Joe Biden, who swore an oath to uphold and defend those same freedoms, has made it the business of his White House to destroy them. Biden announced the establishment of the so-called Office of Gun Violence Prevention.
    the first of its kind in the White House—is nothing more than a hornet’s nest of anti-gun activists whose sole mission is to push Biden’s gun-ban agenda. And of course, nothing that pours forth from this new office will have anything to do with preventing criminal violence or making anyone safer. After all, the same Biden who claims he wants to make America safer is the one who rolls out the red carpet for violent criminals, drug cartels, child-traffickers and terrorists to flood across our border. The same Biden who claims he wants to protect our communities is the one who champions pro-criminal policies like no-cash bail and revolving-door “justice” schemes that have decimated our cities and towns and cost an untold number of innocent Americans their lives. And now that same Biden, who has done nothing but unleash a historic violent crime wave from coast to coast, is putting the power and energy of the White House behind an effort to restrict every law-abiding American’s right to defend themselves and their loved ones. But there is one issue that is clearly paramount this time: Our right to survive. Our right to live in a society where violent criminals are punished, not coddled, encouraged, and allowed to walk free. Our right to protect ourselves and our families. Gun control affects 1 group law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow or obey laws so explain how gun control stops shootings? It doesn’t. It increases them. States and cities with the highest gun control laws have the highest gun violence numbers compared to states with lower gun control laws have lower gun violence numbers. Guns are not the problem and never have been. We have been passing gun control laws at the state and federal levels for decades and they continue to fail. But no, all you can do is blame inanimate objects, law-abiding gun owners, and gun rights organizations. It’s almost like reducing crime and saving lives is not the goal.
    Gun control is the solution of tyrants.

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