Poll: Majority Say Biden Seeking to Jail Trump to Stop Him

By John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin

Many Americans believe the country is becoming a virtual dictatorship with a solid majority saying President Joe Biden wants to put former President Donald Trump in jail to stop his electoral chances, a new McLaughlin poll finds.

We should note that Russian President Vladimir Putin just won reelection by 88%.

But he did so only after Putin first jailed his leading political opponent, Alexei Navalny, and many of his supporters. (Sadly, Navalny recently died while in prison.)

Now Biden’s playbook against Trump seems eerily similar.

At least a majority of American voters think so.

In our new national poll 56% of all voters think Biden really wants to stop Trump from winning by putting him in jail. The national poll of 1,000 likely voters with plus or minus 3.1% at the 95% confidence interval was completed between March 9 and March 14.

Only 30% say it’s not true that Biden is trying to jail Trump.

A supermajority of Republicans, 86%, agree that Biden is weaponizing the justice system against Trump.

This is also not a partisan issue.

Independents agree 50% to 33% that Biden is seeking to jail Trump for political reasons, with moderates agreeing 48% to 32%.

Democratic constituencies also have a negative view of Biden’s actions with African Americans at 41%, Hispanics at 53%, and women at 53% agreeing.

Biden and his legal henchmen have truly made Trump a sympathetic victim. 

It’s a frightening idea that after 235 years of democracy and peaceful presidential elections, we have devolved to such a point.

Here are more findings of our poll of voters:

  • 67% say that politics has played a role in the indictments of Trump.
  • 58% say that Biden has played a role in the indictments of Trump.
  • 56% to 31% say there is a double standard and bias at Biden’s Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS, where they target Trump but Biden and his family get sweetheart deals.
  • 52% to 38% say the indictments against Trump were done because he leads in the polls and they want him stopped.
  • 58% to 34% say that Biden should stop targeting Trump and interfering in the election, letting voters decide the next president.   

Regardless, Trump leads Biden 49% to 43% in a head-to-head poll for the presidency — Trump’s largest lead this year.

The reasons for Trump’s success and Biden’s weakness are simple.

Some 66% of all voters say the country is on the wrong track and 56% disapprove of the job Biden is doing as president. 

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Facing serious challenges with the economy and crises internationally, the Biden campaign has shifted gears from winning on the issues to winning the Putin way — by putting your opponent in jail.

Fortunately, voters are seeing through this dangerous strategy and rejecting it.

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  • And the Democrats keep saying it’s Trump that will destroy our country. What do you call it, gas lighting, disinformation, deflecting or projecting? They are masters at accusing others of what they are actually doing.

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