2nd Migrant Caravan

Second migrant caravan gathering in Guatemala , from Fox news.  I feel someone is pushing this to make America look bad. I don’t think the Democracts are behind it but it wouldn’t surprise me if another country was. There are plenty of them that would like to make America look bad on the world stage. Its just to much of a coincidence  that this many people would up and make a mad dash for the American border just before our election. Then  a few weeks later another one pops up. I suppose time will tell but I believe someone is pushing this. What happens when America does put troops on the border, to defend our borders.

President Trump is trying to force congress to do something on immigration but they have kicked that can down the road for so many decades they won’t move on it. I hope that after the election congress will finally address this issue an we can get something done. But that won’t be soon enough to deal with this problem. We can’t let tens of thousand to millions of people into our country to  do as they want.  We have rules and laws and they have to abide by them as we do.

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