Democrates Outrage

Dem leaders slam Trump’s response to bomb threats: His ‘words ring hollow’ from MSN news.

They can’t even come together to condemn attacks on their own party if President Trump is for it. They won’t fix immigration and they won’t talk about the border wall. They won’t talk about or do anything that will make Trump look good or successful. Is it any wonder the American people are dropping out of the Democratic party? They have turned a blind eye to the American

people so much so I don’t even know who they represent anymore. It wouldn’t surprise me it the Democratic leaders planned and carried this bomb scare themselves to try to make themselves look like a victim and garner sympathy from the people.

What are they going to do about the people coming up from south America?

I haven’t heard a word of leadership from them at all. But then again the Republicans have been pretty quiet also. The president and the American people have been the only ones saying we need to stop this now.

A little less than two weeks to go until the election. We have to put people in congress that will do what’s right for America. Everyone American citizen  that’s old enough to vote and can needs to go to the polls and vote. Send everyone of these people coming to our borders back to the country they came from with instructions on how to come here the right way. We as a nation need to send a clear message to the world that the borders are closed to everyone that wants to come here illegally. But we welcome all who come here legally and want to become American citizens.

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